About Me

Hi, I'm Shoubhit, commonly known as nexxel online. I'm from and live (for now) in India. We got Computer Science in our school in 5th grade, and since then it has been my favourite subject at school, even though they taught us Java which is not so enjoyable.

In 2021 I started learning Python from freeCodeCamp in my free time because I felt like I was just wasting a lot of time, so I wanted to learn stuff that I will actually use in my life. I made some Discord bots, wrote some cool scripts. Eventually I got into web development and I love it, the frontend, the backend, all of it. Lately I've been dwelling into some Rust and Go as well because I think thats the future. I haven't gotten into it a lot because frankly I have no time.

I'm currently in 12th grade and preparing for JEE which is an entrance exam for good engineering colleges in India, so most of my time goes into studying for it. I'm hoping to study Computer Science in college.

For hobbies other than coding, I really like performing magic, mentalism (yes I can read your mind (kind of)) and I dabble into some cardistry as well.

I also like going on cycling trips with friends. Here's a picture from when we went to see the sunrise in the mountains.

A picture from a cycling trip with friends.
I used to like reading novels but I haven't read one for a long time now, simply because I have no time. My favourite author is John Green.

I listen to a lot of music and it has always been a big part of my life. Powfu, heylog, and 44phantom are some of my favourite artists. My most played song recently has been watch me miss (feat. Jomie) by Powfu, Jomie. You can see more of my Spotify stats at s.nxl.sh.