These are some questions that are asked to me pretty frequently, so I compiled them all into one page!

Are you actually 17?!


Why is your name nexxel?

Checkout why.nexxel.dev.

When did you start coding?

Technically in 6th grade but seriously in December 2021.

How did you learn to code?

Building stuff.

What programming languages do you know?

I'm most comfortable with TypeScript and Python. I also write some Rust and Go.

What are you working on nowadays?

Nothing big at the moment. Mostly studying and maintaining create-t3-app.

What is your favourite web framework?

Remix has got to be my favourite framework, It isn't perfect, nor the best tool to use for most cases, but I still enjoy writing code with Remix. I use the T3 Stack for most things.

Did you build create-t3-app?

I started it, the community built it. If you don't know, create-t3-app is the quickest way to start a web app with the T3 Stack.

What code editor do you use?

I use Neovim and the occasional VSCode.

What terminal emulator do you use?

I use Alacritty. It's great.

What theme do you use?

I use Kanagawa for Neovim and Alacritty, and poimandres for VSCode.

What font do you use for coding?

I am a big fan of JetBrains Mono but currently I use Hack.