nexxel's avatar Shoubhit Dash


Are you actually 17?!


Why is your name nexxel?


When did you start coding?

Technically in 6th grade but seriously in December 2021.

How did you learn to code?

Building stuff.

What programming languages do you know?

I’m most comfortable with TypeScript and Python. I also write some OCaml and Rust.

What are you working on nowadays?

Nothing big at the moment. Mostly studying and maintaining create-t3-app.

What is your favourite programming language?

OCaml is definitely my favourite language. It combines an expressive syntax, powerful type inference and an efficient garbage collector, making it a great choice for general purpose programming. It also helps me approach programming problems in a more intuitive and streamlined way.

What is your favourite web framework?

Nuxt has got to be my favourite framework, I love all the magic and crazy features it has. I’m also loving Astro at the moment. Solid Start is promising.

Did you build create-t3-app?

I started it, the community built it. If you don’t know, create-t3-app is the quickest way to start a web app with the full stack typesafety.

What code editor do you use?

I use Neovim and the occasional VSCode.

What terminal emulator do you use?

I use Alacritty. It’s great.

What theme do you use?

I use Catppuccin for Neovim, Mellow for Alacritty and tmux, and Serendipity for VSCode.

What font do you use for coding?

I use Dank Mono for coding. The monospace font being used in this website is Hack.