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Rust: Not Just Zoom Zoom Fast

Explore the versatility of Rust beyond performance and memory safety with its well-designed language, package manager, and ecosystem.

10 min read

Implementing the Pipe Operator in TypeScript

The pipe operator is one of my favourite features in functional languages like Elixir and OCaml. Let's implement it in TypeScript!

8 min read

Expressive Code with Pattern Matching

Elevate your code by writing declarative, and easy-to-read code with pattern matching.

10 min read

Typesafe Database Queries on the Edge

Edge computing is all the rage. Learn how to get typesafe access to data on the edge using Kysely, Prisma and PlanetScale.

6 min read

My Developer Workflow Using WSL, tmux and Neovim

I live on the terminal now. Learn about the tools I use set up a productive developer environment.

6 min read

Build a Full Stack App with create-t3-app

Let's build a guestbook with all parts of the T3 stack - Next.js, tRPC, Prisma, Tailwind CSS and Next Auth

11 min read

T3 Stack and My Most Popular Open Source Project Ever

create-t3-app recently reached 100 stars on GitHub and is my most popular open source project. Learn more about it!

2 min read

How I Made a Really Fast Link Shortener That Runs on the Edge

In this blog, I show you how deoxys, my link shortener works.

6 min read

Build End to End Typesafe APIs with tRPC

In this blog post I will show you how to build end-to-end typesafe APIs with tRPC in Next.js project.

8 min read

Make and Deploy Your Own Blog in under 30 Mins

Make and deploy your own blog in under 30 mins using Remix, MDX and Tailwind.

13 min read

Create Licenses for Your Projects Right from the Terminal

I made a CLI in Rust to generate licenses for open source projects.

1 min read

I Made a Wordle Clone

Nexdle is a wordle clone made with React, TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Vite, Zustand and tested with Vitest.

2 min read

Conway's Game of Life in Go

Implementing Conway's Game of Life in Go using Ebiten.

4 min read